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In truly shocking news, the man behind Girls Gone Wild apparently has a sex tape.

Sources confirm to TMZ that Joe Francis is at the center of a “hardcore” amateur porn that was filmed several weeks ago and which stars himself and girlfriend Abbey Wilson.

Francis, of course, claims the video was stolen from Wilson and is threatening a lawsuit against anyone who releases it.

Francis says the footage (of the couple making love on multiple occasions) is on an iPad that was recently stolen out of Wilson’s bag in Los Angeles. Says his attorney to TMZ:


“It is not only unfortunate, but it is a crime. As such, this office will take all necessary steps to determine who in fact has done this and who is attempting to distribute the video.”

A month ago, Francis was found guilty of assault and false imprisonment stemming from a 2011 incident in which he attacked a woman at his mansion.

If he is unsuccessful and the Joe Francis sex tape does get out, how much would you pay to purchase it?