Happy Prostitute Ads Pulled in Brazil

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A series of Happy Prostitute Ads have been pulled by the Brazilian Health Ministry after many criticized the campaign for gloryfying the world's oldest profession.

And it's not hard to see why.

Happy Prostitute Ads

The online posters included such tagline as "I'm happy being a prostitute" and were meant to promote safe sex, along with education of STDs.

But they were met with extreme backlash and Alexander Padilha - the head of the Health Ministry - said in a statement after his organization removed the spots:

"I do not think this is a message the ministry should be sending. For as long as I remain in office and add like that will not be part of our campaigns."

Prostitution is legal in Brazil, with an influx in the industry expected next summer for the World Cup and in 2016 for the Summer Olympics.

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