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Demi Lovato is featured in the latest issue of Fashion Magazine.

And, as usual, the young star holds little back in a revealing interview that touches on her past of partying, of pretending to be someone else and of how The X Factor has changed her life.

As we continue to send our sympathies on the death of Demi’s dad, here are excerpts from her latest Q&A:

Demi Lovato Is Sober

On double standards: “Guys can be scandalous and not get any crap for it. In my song [“Something We’re Not”], I’m saying, ‘girls, have your fun – don’t let anyone let you feel bad about your actions. Ever.’”

How has she evolved in Los Angeles? “L.A. has opened my eyes. I learned that ignorance stood in the way of my insight. I wasn’t really being honest with the way I used to live. I was pretending to be a role model during the day and turning into a wild child at night.

How has her past continued to haunt her? “I could remember word for word what my bullies said to me. Last night I had nightmares about it…just degrading things that hurt me and affected self-esteem. It affected the way I look at girls my age. I used to fear them.”

On the affect of The X Factor: “The show made me a tougher critic and better empathizer. I understand artists a lot more now. I get scared for them because we if they don’t make the right decisions right now or if they don’t have the right people around them, they could put their careers in danger. What they never show [on X-Factor] is me backstage crying with certain contestants. I had to walk off a couple of times too because it gets too emotional for me. They never showed that.”