Chris Brown Accuser: Walking Around Fine on "Injured" Leg!

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Chris Brown has been accused of many things over the years, some of them very legitimate. This latest scandal, however, appears to be a load of B.S.

Team Breezey

Yesterday, Brown was accused of assaulting a woman at an Anaheim nightclub. Deanna Gines said Chris shoved her to the ground, hurting her knee.

She injured it so badly, she claims, that she will need surgery for torn ligaments ... yet new video footage shows her walking on it just fine that night.

The video was shot early Sunday morning in the Heat Ultra Lounge parking structure in Anaheim, where Deanna Gines was being escorted out by security.

Clearly upset, she could be heard telling bodyguards, "F*** all y'all!"

Gines claims Chris Brown shoved her to the ground inside the club, tearing ligaments in her right knee. But the video appears to contradict her story.

She can be seen putting weight on her right leg and limping slightly on her left. And then there's this: Heat sources say she did in fact hurt herself.

All on her own. Drunkenly stumbling down the stairs, on the way out.

The club's owner (as well as several eyewitnesses) claim Chris never touched her, and Brown himself (who rarely comments) adamantly denied it.

For her part, Gines says her "whole lower body" was in pain after Chris allegedly shoved her, and at the time, her left leg hurt more than her right.

Mmm hmm. Don't count on limping all the way to the bank, D.


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