Chad Johnson: Ass Slap is a Sign of Respect!

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Chad Johnson is appealing to a Broward County, Fla., judge's sense of reason after slapping his lawyer's ass the other day and being jailed as a result.

Derided by the judge for disrespecting the court and the legal process, Chad says it was the opposite - an "attaboy" sign of respect for his legal eagle!

Eight Five

Attorney Adam Swickle, the recipient of Chad's butt-tap, filed legal documents pleading with the judge to rethink her decision to throw out Chad's plea deal.

After believing that he disrespected the court with the ass slap, the judge negged a deal that would've kept Ocho out of jail for a recent probation violation.

Swickle says that's ridiculous, given Chad's gesture:

"Mr. Johnson has been a professional football player for 11 years and patting another individual on the backside is viewed as a sign of respect and gratitude."

Swickle also noted that Chad was goaded, in a sense, by the judge herself, who told him his lawyer was so excellent and that he should thank the man.

As for the judge's outrage that people in court laughed, Swickle says, "This is not Mr. Johnson's fault and he should not be punished for the actions of third parties."

Swickle says the 30-day jail sentence is "somewhat excessive" and hopes she will reconsider. A hearing is set for Monday, so he'll be in jail until at least then.

You tell us: Slapping your lawyer's ass ...

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