1984 Book Sales: On the Rise!

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Not everyone is disturbed about this whole the-NSA-is-spying-on-everything-we-do-and-say thing.

Denny's, for example, took advantage of the Edward Snowden-created scandal by posting a funny Tweet on Tuesday.

And the late George Orwell is smiling down on us about now and laughing over predictions made in his 1948 classic, "1984."

1984 Book Pic

The dystopic novel is based around the concept of "Big Brother" watching us - and its sales have risen dramatically over the past few days.

According to Amazon, sales of the Centennial Edition increased by more than 4,000 percent as of June 10 and it's currently #99 on the Amazon Top 100.

So perhaps this was the government's secret plan all along: prompt Americans to read more iconic literature! Well played, NSA.

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