Wade Robson to Break Silence on Michael Jackson Allegations

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Wade Robson is ready to break his silence on the Michael Jackson sex abuse allegations, and does not sound like a man who's ready to duck and cover.

Wade Robson and MJ

Robson surfaced at NYC's JFK airport today, where he was accosted by paparazzi about his accusations that Michael Jackson sexually abused him.

Choreographer Wade, 30, said that the late King of Pop abused him for years when he was a kid, and that he was a monster and everyone knows it.

As for why he didn't come forward until now, he says he blocked out the memories and recently suffered a breakdown due to the repressed trauma.

That breakdown, he claims, torpedoed his career and cost him millions, which he is hoping to recoup in his lawsuit against the music icon's estate.

The estate believes Wade is completely lying, while MJ's former lawyer suggests that AEG could be behind Robson's curiously timed allegations.

Robson says he'll open up later this week. Think he's telling the truth?

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