Prison Reviews on Yelp: Man, This Place is the WORST!

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Offering candid assessments of their less-than-stellar accommodations, some prison inmates are having way too much fun with review site Yelp.

Yes, purported inmates, employees and visitors have all been logging on to dish the details about penitentiaries from Rikers Island to San Quentin.

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“Overall, the jail was pretty miserable,” one disgruntled reviewer wrote about a recent stay at Cook County Jail in Illinois after an arrest in Chicago.

“The beds were very uncomfortable and my bunkmate was frequently rude."

It wasn't a total catastrophe, however. The joint still earned 2/5 stars!

“The only reason that I’m giving it [that] is because of the food; it was great and very reasonably priced! I suggest chicken mole, beef bourguignon, or cannelloni ricotta," he wrote.

Rather than being a legitimate review guide - the don't have much say, after all - the posts are a fun way for the tech-savvy inmates to vent grievances.

Yelp isn't exactly shutting them down, either. The company said:

“These types of reviews merely demonstrate the desire of the community to share their personal experiences with all types of businesses, services and places."

Sometimes, they may even be enlightening.

One sarcastic resident of NYC's infamous Rikers Island boasted about “a terrific getaway on this luxurious island retreat" before lamenting the miserable conditions.

He then added a serious life lesson, concluding: “Thank you, Rikers Island: it took me just a few weeks to realize I would never drink and drive again.”

Cheaper than a Hollywood hotel, the L.A. County Jail, meanwhile, was praised as a "free place to stay, free food, free services," earning an impressive 5/5!

Guess it all depends on your expectations.

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