Patrick Schwarzenegger Kicked Out of Club, Really Wants to Beat the F--k Out of DJ

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What do Patrick Schwarzenegger and Justin Bieber have in common?

  1. They can probably pick up more girls than your average 19-year-olds.
  2. They've both threatened to "beat the f--k" out of someone this year!
Patrick Schwarzenegger Shirtless

Arnold's son got kicked out of a club on Saturday and threatened to "beat the f--k out of the DJ," as seen in a TMZ video of him standing on the street.

"I'm gonna go beat the f**k out of the DJ," he told a group of pals while outside the club. "Everyone around me wants to beat the f**k out of the DJ."

"I'll beat the f**k out of him," he continues. "He goes and kicks everybody out of his table, losing money for the club, losing money for the owner."

It's not clear why he was kicked out ... or why he was allowed in at age 19.

Then again, maybe the answers to those two questions could be related.

Check out the scene with Patrick Schwarzengger outside the club ...