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A video of an Oklahoma mom’s tearful reunion with her son after Monday’s tornado has gone viral, and for good reason, given the situation at hand.

After the Oklahoma tornado hit the city of Moore, just outside Oklahoma City, two severely damaged elementary schools left parents fearing the worst.

Trenda Purcell, who found both her kids safe, was one of the lucky moms.

In what could very well become an iconic moment from this tragedy, Purcell’s reunion with Kamden, 8, was captured in this emotional video:

Oklahoma Mother and Child Reunion

As the mom of two told CBS This Morning, she walked over a mile to find Kamden outside Briarwood Elementary School, where he is in first grade.


"I’m amazed that he walked out of that building alive," she told the show.

She had heard that Kamden’s older brother, Keegan, 15, was alive, but had to endure a search for her youngest that felt like it went on for an eternity.

Once she wept and hugged him tight, Purcell told CBS, she turned to his teacher to give thanks for saving his life, along with all the kids in the class.

Indeed, teachers are emerging as true heroes in the aftermath. Without their efforts, the death toll from the massive tornado would be much higher.

It’s comforting to know that in the wake of such tragedies, there are still so many people out there whose actions deserve our deepest gratitude.