Louis Tomlinson on The Wanted: So Frustrating!

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The feud between One Direction and The Wanted is far from over.

Over the weekend, Jay McGuiness was asked about his boy band rivals, specifically Harry Styles, and told an Australian morning show:

"I think he has retained manners and a bit of dignity, [but] some of them when they mouth off, it really gets under my skin. Because it riles up loads of 14-year-old girls, [and] there's no need for that."

Louis Tomlinson in Concert

The response did not sit well with Louis Tomlinson.

"So frustrating when people talk the talk in the press but when it comes down to it not a word is said face to face!" the artist Tweeted.

In December, an all-out Twitter war broke out between One Direction and The Wanted.

Zayn Malin referred to Max George as a geek. Tomlinson told Tom Parker to "pipe down." George said Malik has "chlamydia."

It was ugly - and awesome! - all around.

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