Jason Collins Faces Death Threats Over Gay Reveal

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Jason Collins is a gay professional basketball player.

And based on this fact, some people on Twitter apparently want the center to be killed.

Jason Collins on GMA

Despite receiving an onslaught of support after he came out of the closet this week, Collins has also been the subject of some serious Internet hate and even a few threats against his life.

Among the worst we've seen:

  • "Yous a dead f****t talkn on tv Boy."
  • Listening to Jason Collins describe his gayness as 'beautiful' makes me wanna puke. And kill him."
  • "Jason collins comes out the closet! Kill that biiitttchhhh!!!"
  • "Jason Collins should get the death penalty lol how u a 7 foot gay dude lol the west is crazy smh"

Granted, there will always be moronic haters who hide behind a keyboard.

Remember when Selena Gomez received death threats for dating Justin Bieber?

But Collins has handled the adversity very well this week, appearing on Good Morning America; on a Grantland podcast with Bill Simmons; and will soon sit across from Oprah on OWN.

What is your reaction to Collins coming out?