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A Utah woman is courting controversy by reprimanding 10-year-old for bullying – by giving her a taste of her own medicine, public humiliation style.

Ally Olsen, 41, discovered that her fiance’s 10-year-old daughter, Kaylee, had been bullying a classmate because of the way she dressed.

As a result, the victim no longer wanted to come to school. When Ally heard this, she was upset at Kaylee, and responded in unorthodox fashion.

“I confronted Kaylee who explained that she had called another girl ‘sleazy’ for wearing Daisy Duke shorts and a tank top,” Olsen told Yahoo! Shine.

“We’ve taught Kaylee to dress conservatively but never to be judgmental.”

Olsen said Kaylee was unapologetic, so grounding her “wouldn’t resonate.” So she took action, and took her to the thrift shop. Macklemore would be proud.


As Kaylee deemed various articles of clothing “ugly” and “embarrassing,” Olsen had her try them on as a joke, then bought them for her as punishment.

“I wanted Kaylee to truly experience the embarrassing feelings she had evoked in someone else by wearing clothes she felt self-conscious in,” says Olsen.

“The goal wasn’t to select items that were cheap; it was to buy things Kaylee said she hated,” she adds, citing that as the reason for the items shown above.

Although Kaylee cried about it, the next day she did in fact go to school wearing one of the outfits under a coat that she had zipped up to her neck.

To solidify the punishment, Olsen snapped a photo of Kaylee wearing the outfit (her face was blurred to protect her identity) and posted it on Facebook.

Kaylee wore the clothes to school, where she was laughed at, and was also made to attend her father’s soccer game wearing the same clothing.

“We wanted adults to see the example we set,” Ally said.

Pretty harsh and over the top, right? Depends on your point of view. Ally says Kaylee handled the ordeal with grace – and came away better for it.

Kaylee said the kids laughed at her … and that she felt so bad that she pulled the bullied classmate aside and apologized for her previous behavior.

“What people don’t understand is that Kaylee genuinely learned from it. She actually thanked me for making her go through that,” said Olsen.

“I’m keeping the clothes, too, just in case we hear that she is mean to other kids again. Hopefully one day, we’ll be able to laugh about it.”

Shaming misbehaved children is hardly news, but where’s the line between a parent setting an example and being inappropriate? You be the judge.

What do you think of this girl’s punishment: Right or wrong?