Ariel Castro to Plead Not Guilty in Cleveland Kidnappings

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The man accused of keeping three women in captivity for a decade will plead not guilty, his lawyer said, while raising concerns that he can receive a fair trial.

Ariel Castro Mug Shot

Craig Weintraub, who's representing Ariel Castro, 52, on rape and kidnapping charges, said the "fantastic notoriety" of the case is a disadvantage.

Castro's defense is mulling whether to ask that the trial be moved out of Cleveland, where he allegedly held the three victims in his home.

"Then that begs the question: 'Well, where can he get a fair trial under the circumstances?' This is a case with sensationalistic, international coverage."

Castro, 52, was arrested May 6 shortly after Amanda Berry kicked out part of a locked door of his house and yelled to neighbor Charles Ramsey for help.

Police quickly arrived and found Berry in the street holding a baby and then raced through the house, freeing Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.

The women, now in their late 20s or early 30s, were admitted to a hospital but have been released. They remain in seclusion appealing for privacy.

The three disappeared between 2002 and 2004.

Castro has been jailed on $8 million bond.

Weintraub, interviewed in his law office in a skyscraper overlooking the county jail and courts building, said Castro is despondent in his bare-bones cell.

Some people say he has it too good in there.

"His day consists of remaining 24 hours a day in a room that is probably 9 (feet) by 9 that contains a metal bed, a very thin mattress that is covered in plastic," he said.

"It has a metal sink and what appears to be some sort of a mirror."

Compared to what Amanda, Gina and Michelle all went through, it's hard to see many people being sympathetic to Castro's lifestyle behind bars.

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