RG3 Twitter Rant: Lay Off Brittney Griner!

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Robert Griffin III (or RG3 for short) is normally Mr. Cool, a guy who plays it close to the vest ... but don't get him started on fellow Baylor star Brittney Griner.

The Washington Redskins QB couldn't help himself when he saw the beating taken by Griner, his friend and former schoolmate, in the NCAA Tournament.

Robert Griffin III and Brittney Griner

The 6'8" Brittney Griner is one of the best female players ever, and took a pounding in the Lady Bears' loss to Louisville in the regional semifinals.

Irate at what he believed to be mistreatment of Griner by opponents, refs and fans, Griffin rapidly fired off 12 tweets defending Griner, such as:

  • Whew... ok I took my time to calm down and not go off on twitter about the Baylor Girls Basketball game.... BUT I CAN'T DO IT!!!!!
  • People poke and make fun of B. Griner all the time but C'MON MAN.... Them girls were LITERALLY throwing elbows, slaps, weave....
  • Not to mention the lil lady who was mean-mugging B. Griner's BELLY BUTTON after she made the nice layup... BACK UP CHILDS PLAY!!!
  • Yes people Louisville hit the 3 ball all night. But for every 3 they made, they threw 6 elbows, 5 straight lefts, 4 right hooks...
  • Despite all the man jokes BG is not SHAQ! She is a 6'8 WOMAN! & the REFS! OH MY... NCAA may find a way to fine me if I bring them up.

Gotta give Griffin props for defending his friend, sticking up for his school, and putting a spotlight on the women's game. He also makes some valid points.

Punching a player in the gut (if that happened) would be a major deal in the men's game, and jokes about the star's size and stature are uncalled for.

However, making the distinction that Griner is a "WOMAN" seems unnecessary, and saying she is "not Shaq" is sort of untrue. She is the female Shaq.

In the most complimentary sense, of course. Her size and skills force opponents to desperate measures, treating her like they would no other foe.

That is, in a sense, a testament to Brittney Griner's greatness - even if it means getting mugged out there. So you can't have it both ways there, RG3.

His shot at the NCAA was subtly classic, however.

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