Macklemore Photobombs Concert Crowd, Grumpy Cat, Everything!

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Macklemore is everywhere these days.

The "Thrift Shop" rapper not only has the first independently-produced #1 hit in 20 years, he inadvertently started his own Internet meme this month.

When a fan tossed her iPhone on stage at his George Washington University show, Macklemore returned it with the following, actual photobomb:

Deer Photobombs Baby

Naturally, his goofball grin and terrible/awesome '90s haircut inspired the Photoshop fiends on Reddit, where he can be seen in all sorts of situations.

If McKayla Maroney is not impressed, Macklemore is just happy.

Check out the rapper (a.k.a. Ben Haggerty) photobombing Grumpy Cat, Gandalf from LOTR, a crying kid and a girl about to fall off a cliff after the jump!

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