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Embattled Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is livid over a threat she got from James Deen earlier this week, but it turns out it wasn’t actually from James.

Just a poser fronting as the porn star.

The alleged James Deen threatened to call Child Protective Services on Farrah for bringing her daughter to sex tape negotiations with Vivid Entertainment.

“Yup definitely calling CPS,” said the message from faux James Deen. “Have fun with driving and filming your daughter at the same time and bringing her to Vivid.”

“You fail at life.”


Deen, of course, starred in the infamous Farrah Abraham porn that she tried to pretend was a “leaked” sex tape, until that scheme blew up in her face.

The account that sent the email includes Deen’s full name, and there is definite bad blood (on her end) so it’s sort of understandable why she’d believe it.

Still, James Deen is adamant that it wasn’t him.

“Personally I would like to apologize to Farrah on behalf of whoever sent this email and let her know that I am on her side,” he wrote to TMZ.

“I will happily verify that her child was not exposed to any adult content during the duration of this shoot. Also … Not cool people!!!!! Leave the girl alone!!!!!”

At least Farrah has one fewer hater to worry about now. She can focus her negative energy on Dr. Phil, who took her down a peg Friday. Watch:

Farrah Abraham on Dr. Phil