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Drake, if you’re ever in NYC, we’re fairly confident we could get you laid.

The Amanda Bynes Twitter love-fest continues regarding the rapper, who she Tweeted about repeatedly last night (while posting pics of herself, natch).

“Loving far apart eyes @drake,” she wrote, linking to an image of him.

Bynes then re-tweeted her many followers talking – positively and negatively – about her crush, who she famously said she wants to murder her vagina.

The former Nickelodeon star also re-tweeted a pic a follower made of Drake kissing her with the caption, “Drake and Amanda Bynes 4 Ever <3.”

Also, she posted more hot pictures of herself at the gym. RAWR!

NOTE: That’s how the star describes herself. Her words. Rawr.

She’s a strange one. We love her, but she’s a strange one.

The “retired actress” can rest easy, though.

We know she hates it when we post bad pics of her, but thanks to her selfie love, we’ll have a treasure trove of Amanda Bynes Twitter pictures for years.