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Did Selena Gomez just kick Justin Bieber when he was already down?

While her ex-boyfriend was suffering through a traumatic week – full of hospitalizations and reporter meltdowns – in London, Gomez was at home, hanging around and dancing with friends.

And dissing Bieber as a "douchebag?"

Selena Gomez: Dissing Justin Bieber?

That’s what some fans of the singer believe, after Selena posted a video of herself and some friends grinding it up to Dustin Tavella’s "Everybody Knows (Douchebag)" and after choreographer Charity Lynne Baroni said it was "dedicated to someone."


The lyrics to the track include Your boyfriend is a douchebag/And everybody knows/Your boyfriend is a douchebag/Your momma told you so.

The video was overrun by hateful Tweets from Beliebers within minutes, forcing Selena’s pals to make it private.

Watch it above and react: think Gomez was sticking it to Bieber?