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Pi Day is here again! You know, March 14? 3/14? Get it?!

For those of us who aren’t irrationally interested in numbers, Pi is named after a mathematical constant – the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

While usually rounded to 3.14, Pi is not a finite number. In actuality it is 22/7, which has been calculated to a million-plus digits. It is LITERALLY never-ending.

Here are some ways to mark this special occasion:

  • Bake yourself a Pumpkin Pi. It’s funny and probably tastes awesome.
  • Wish everyone a happy Pi Day just to see if anyone actually gets it.
  • Go for a 5K run. That’s 3.10 miles, which is like really close to 3.14.
  • Hold a moment of silence at 1:59:26 p.m. (Pi = 3.1415926…).
  • Celebrate Albert Einstein’s birthday too … sort of fits, right?
  • Listen to the Pi rap below (obviously someone made one)!
Pi Rap