Next Bond Movie to Hit Theaters Within 3 Years

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It won't be too long before James Bond is drinking martinis and chasing down bad guys again.

On a conference call with investors yesterday, MGM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gary Barber said everything is full speed ahead for the 24th film in this beloved spy franchise.

Daniel Craig in Germany

"We are currently developing the screenplay and working with our partners," Barber said. "We look forward to developing the script soon and signing a director. We are hoping within the next three years it will be released."

With Sam Mendes previously announcing he is moving on, the executive added that he hopes to announce a new director in the near future.

Daniel Craig is signed for two more films in the lead role, with James Bond hotter than ever.

Its 50th anniversary was celebrated at the 2013 Academy Awards and Skyfall earned $1.1 billion in total box office around the world.

Yes, BILLION. That's enough money for Craig to purchase new cell phones for all fans who try to snap a picture of him and his wife.