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It’s official: Jorge Mario Bergoglio is your next Pope and we know exactly what you are thinking:

How does Snooki feel about his election?

Fortunately, that reality star and many other celebrities have taken to Twitter and expressed their view on the new pontiff. Read on for their reactions…

Mariah Carey's World

Mario Lopez: Big moment for the church & for those of us who call ourselves Catholics. I hope Pope Francis comes with an open heart & open mind… #Faith

Snooki: Yay for Pope Bergoglio!! He’s adorable.

Piers Morgan: Pope Francis 1 is known as a frugal, humble, moderniser. Sounds just what the Catholic Church needs.


Joy Behar: It’s already starting. Donald Trump wants to see the new Pope’s birth certificate.

Craig Ferguson: Rumors already swirling in Hollywood that the new Pope will replace Leno on NBC at 1130.

Star Jones: I’m not Catholic…but am excited by the election of #NewPope. May he be blessed with wisdom & the love of Christ.

Mia Farrow: American Catholics praying for a liberal Pope who will lead reform. But that is unlikely.

Carson Daly: I like the new pope. Opted for silence before he first spoke. Pray for me before I pray for you. Humble. #goodstart