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Kim Kardashian has always tried to stay healthy, but now that she’s eating for both herself and expecting a girl (supposedly), it’s doubly important, says she.

With the Kim Kardashian baby bump showing more each day, the importance of taking care of herself and her baby grows, she writes on her blog.

“Keeping a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me,” she says.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye in NYC
(Getty Images)

“And now [maintaining a well-balanced eating and fitness plan] is even more important since I’m looking out for someone else’s well being other than just my own.”


KK says she’s been researching a lot of foods beforehand to make sure she gets the proper amount of nutrition “now that I’m eating for two” and she adds:

“My friend Harley Pasternak sent me this book [The Body Diet Reset] … [It] will give you the tools you need to restart the way you are eating and boost your metabolism.”

“I just love his recipes and I know you guys will too!”

P.S. Like everything else, I was paid to say that.