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If your wedding was called off at the 11th hour, Bridal Brokerage is there to pick up the pieces.

Only financially, though. Emotionally, you’re still scarred for life. Still, better than nothing!

The new business was founded by Lauren Byrne, who thought of the idea after a friend’s elaborate St. John’s destination wedding was canceled.

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Simply put, she looks to pay people for the expenses they’ve already incurred as part of wedding plans gone awry and re-package them to someone else.

At a discount, of course. Win-win!


Jeff Smidt, Bridal Brokerage’s head of marketing, said, “The friend said I’ve purchased my bridesmaid dress, the plane ticket, the hotel room.”

“I’m going to lose all that money. Why can’t one of our other friends just buy the entire wedding? And that’s sort of when the light bulb clicked for Lauren.”

Originally designed for and marketed to people in need of quickie nuptials, they soon noticed that their main business was actually bridal bargain hunters.

Given that the average wedding costs tens of thousands, it’s no surprise Bridal Brokerage currently has over 2,500 interested buyers in its database.

“When somebody goes and cancels a wedding, by that point they’ve usually spent a whole lot of money on deposits and pre-payments,” Smidt said.

“We found that new couples might be willing to take over those deposits and then pick up the balance of the contract and purchase the rights.”

Essentially, they’re getting “beautiful pre-planned weddings at a fraction of the cost.”

They say that over 250,000 weddings are called off every single year, so for those looking to buy or sell one, the sky’s the limit in terms of options!

It’s nice that people can recoup some of the enormous expenses to help ease the blow of such heartbreak … but let’s hope you never have to go there.