Donald Trump Threatens Lawsuit Over Macy's "Dump Trump" Campaign

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Donald Trump is now threatening a lawsuit against the individual responsible the Dump Trump campaign, which aims to get him fired by Macy's.

Angelo Carusone organized the online petition that's garnered a whopping 683,000 signatures asking the store to axe Trump as a celebrity spokesman.


The reason(s)? All those "birther" conspiracy theories Trump peddled about President Barack Obama, as well as his general jackassery, most likely.

In any case, Trump is not amused. Carusone received a cease and desist from Don's counsel threatening him with a $25 MILLION lawsuit.

The charge? Interfering in Trump's business and contractual relationships.

"Do not test Mr. Trump's resolve in protecting his professional name, reputation and business affairs," reads a letter from Trump's attorney, Alan Garten.

The attorney for The Donald went on to accuse the petition's creator of "mob-like bullying and coercion" and "intentionally disseminated misinformation."

At least publicly, Carusone is not swayed; he's even laughing it off.

"Donald Trump's attempt to silence me will not work. I've dealt with enough bullies and know better than to succumb to intimidation," he said in a statement.

"By threatening me, Trump is only reinforcing our point: that Trump's 'brand' is consequence-free bullying and chicanery; it shouldn't be rewarded."


Trump is also suing Bill Maher for not paying the $5 million he "promised" in an obvious joke, so Carusone may not be too off base with that accusation.

Paul Levy, a free-speech attorney for non-profit Public Citizen who represents Carusone, fired back with a letter of his own, defending his client.

"Your letter repeatedly asserts, without any factual basis, that Carusone has exaggerated the extent to which the public has endorsed his boycott effort."

"You contend, without being specific, that Carusone casts Trump in a false light."

"There is a well-established First Amendment right to advocate a boycott over policy-related objections," he said, adding that if you could sue over political disagreements, well ...

Let's just say no one would be sued more than Donald J. Trump.


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