Fans Wear KKK Hoods to North Dakota High School Hockey Game

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Red River High School administrators are looking into a photo posted to Twitter from Friday's state semifinal hockey game in North Dakota that clearly shows a trio of students donning Ku Klux Klan-like robes and hoods.

KKK Fans

Shane Schuster snapped the picture (above) sand he was "shocked' at the sight, adding that the fans wore the outfits for about 10-20 minutes.

Said Mark Rerick, the Grand Forks Public Schools' athletics director, after learning of the incident:

"After confirming the incident, we notified the administrators at Red River High School who immediately began their investigation. To the best of my knowledge, the students have been identified by the Red River administrators who are continuing their investigation."

Fans at the game were encouraged to dress in white as part of the team's "whiteout," but we somehow doubt the school had such outfits in mind.

This is the second KKK-related high school scandal of the last few weeks, as students also sported KKK robes in a history class last month in Las Vegas.

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