Boy and His Bulldog Earn Fame on Instagram, Place in Our Hearts

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A boy and his bulldog. Friends forever. National treasures.

Little Tasuku and his French Bulldog Muu are inseparable, and have become Internet sensations in recent days because, well, they're just that cute. See?!

Boy and His Bulldog

Apparently, the boy and his bulldog do everything together. They sit on the couch. Talk. Have snack. Take naps. It's really tailor made for an Instagram account.

The boys' mother, Aya Sakai, certainly thought so.

Her photos of the duo's daily adventures have earned her 67,000 followers, who are smitten with Muu, Tasuku and their adorable, enduring friendship.

Check out a few more pictures below ...

Boy and His Bulldog Photo
A Boy and His Bulldog
Boy and Bulldog
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