Neil Armstrong Lied About Moon-Landing Speech, Brother Claims

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Did Neil Armstrong lie about his famous Moon landing speech?

In a new documentary, the late astronaut's brother claims the "one small step for man" line was not improvised, as Neil claimed, and may also have been botched.

Neil Armstrong died in August at the age of 82.

Dean Armstrong, interviewed for a BBC documentary on the moon landing, said his brother drew up a version of the speech months before 1969's Apollo 11 mission.

Upon landing on the moon, Armstrong was heard saying, "'That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," in footage broadcast around the world.

However, in Neil Armstrong: First Man on the Moon, Dean Armstrong says the line was planned as "That's one small step for a man" - in an early draft.

Neil later said that "a" was lost in static during the broadcast, and computer analysis later showed that Armstrong did in fact use an "a" before "man."

Armstrong insisted the lines were improvised after he stepped onto the surface of Earth's lunar satellie, though, which Dean's story contradicts.

Do you believe his brother? Does it matter?