Manti Te'o "Played Along" with Fake Girlfriend Story, Teammate Claims

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While not claiming Manti Te'o was aware Lennay Kekua didn't actually exist, a Notre Dame teammate has spoken out and said the star linebacker did "play along" to reports that his girlfriend died.

In reality, this anonymous source tells ESPN, most Fighting Irish players knew Te'o had only met Kekua once and the relationship was anything but serious.

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The teammate says Te'o liked attention and this sort of move fit in with his personality.

By now, almost everyone knows the story:

Te'o talked publicly about the Leukemia-related death of Kekua... only for Deadspin to break the news this week that the young woman's existence was a hoax.

Questions remain over whether Te'o was in on the scam or merely a victim of it, as he has claimed, and that the culprit is actually Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.

TMZ, meanwhile, reports that Te'o definitely lied about the full situation for most of December, as he received a phone call that alerted him to the hoax on December 6 - but didn't report it to school officials for 20 days because he was unsure how to handle it.

What do you think? Was Te'o a victim of this hoax?