Jon Gosselin Tax Lien: IRS Wants $39K From '09

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Jon Gosselin may have purchased a few too many Ed Hardy shirts back in the day, because he's been hit with a tax lien by the IRS - to the tune of $39,000.

Can you get a refund on hair plugs?

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The former THG fixture owes that much from just 2009 - the year Jon and Kate Gosselin split, and the last year he likely had any sort of stable income.

Since then, he's kinda faded into obscurity.

Despite all the money he made from celebrity gossip interviews and photos that year, according to papers filed in Berks County, Pa., Jon is still delinquent.

TMZ was not able to get a quote from Jon. Think is flip phone is still in service?

Given that Jon works a totally normal job again, and has eight kids to support, 39 grand might be tougher to scrounge up than back in his TLC heyday.

Let's hope he saved and invested well pre-divorce drama. We're sure he stashed his earnings away while the gettin' was good. Actually we're not.

We don't know him personally, but we sincerely doubt it.


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