Jodi Arias Trial: Key Details From Opening Arguments, Witnesses

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The Phoenix murder trial of photographer Jodi Arias is underway, and the sensational spectacle is starting to rival Casey Anthony's trial as a media circus.

Charged with stabbing Travis Alexander, slitting his throat and shooting him in the head, Arias could become the fourth woman on Arizona's death row.

Jodi Arias, Boyfriend

The murder of Alexander took place back in 2008, and the trial of Jodi Ann Arias will unquestionably be one of the year's most closely watched.

Here are 10 revelations from the opening statements and first witnesses:

  1. After stabbing Travis Alexander 27 times and slitting his throat, ear-to-ear, Jodi Arias then allegedly shot him with a .25-caliber gun.
  2. That is the same caliber weapon that Arias and her grandparents reported stolen from their California home just days before the killing.
  3. The defense portrayed the victim, a Mormon motivational speaker, as an abusive, sex-crazed deviant who treated Arias as a sex slave.
  4. The victim called Arias a "slut" and a "whore" in e-mails, yet told her his passwords for social media sites, according to attorneys.
  5. When she called police a day after his body was found, offering to "help," Arias told a detective she hadn't seen Alexander in two months.
  6. She changed her story twice, eventually claiming she killed him in self-defense. Arias also inquired if there was a lot of blood at the scene.
  7. Among the most compelling forensic evidence? Police recovered a bloody handprint containing a mixture of Arias' blood and Alexander's.
  8. Arias claimed in a statement September 2008, "No jury will convict me, mark my words, no jury will convict me, because I'm innocent."
  9. Alexander felt smothered by Arias, who he tried to cut off all ties to, and even blogged about his fear of dating an axe murderer.
  10. These MySpace photos of the suspect and couple belie any signs of conflict or trouble between them, offering a chilling portrait.
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