Brutally Honest Cover Letter Goes Viral on Wall Street

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In search of a summer job, one college student tried an unorthodox approach:

Being blunt, surprisingly candid and remarkably sincere in his cover letter.

While asking for a job at a boutique investment bank, he decided to eschew the obligatory embellishments, buzzwords and bragging in favor of plain old honesty.

Cover Letter

In the letter, which went viral after being leaked to Business Insider, the student explains that he has no “unbelievably special skills or genius eccentricities."

He is, however, willing to get his start “shining shoes or picking up laundry.”

Money doesn't appear to be a factor, either. In order to bolster his credentials with the firm, the student writes that he “will work for next to nothing.”

He even acknowledges that his own college is "average" and that it would be highly unusual for him to get such a position, but asks for it just the same.

Impressed, its recipient forwarded it along to several colleagues.

Eventually, one of them sent it over to Business Insider.

The site included list of replies, such as “THIS IS AWESOME,” “We called him,” and “I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy gets a call from every bank out there.”

Food for thought, job seekers.