Brandi Glanville on Scheana Marie: Star F*%king Hooker!

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Bitterness was on the Bravo menu Monday night on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as Brandi Glanville confronted Scheana Marie, Eddie Cibrian's ex-lover.

The Brandi-Scheana sit-down was arranged by Glanville's BFF Lisa Vanderpump at her restaurant Sur, in hopes of putting the lingering situation to rest.

Did it work?

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A "shaking" and contrite waitress, 27, began by telling Brandi, 40, “I just have so much I need to get off my chest with you," but Eddie's ex was not a fan

“Don’t cry, really ... I lost my family," Brandi Glanville told Scheana. "I lost everything that I had. So if anyone’s going to cry here it’s not going to be you.”

Scheana, claiming Eddie told her he wasn't married, tried to explain that her relationship with Cibrian went beyond hook-ups ... but that only made it worse.

“I know that you were f*cking my husband, I get that!" said Brandi, who called her a “starf*%ker” and a “hooker” in a pre-taped clip prior to their meeting.

Glanville then hit Scheana hard (verbally), stating, "Look at where you are in your life and I’m in such a better place - I win - You know what I mean?"

Perhaps that cathartic comeback was all she needed.

Eventually, Brandi said she accepted the waitress’ apology and wished her luck in the future; she even gently patted her on the back as she left.

It takes two to cheat, of course, and Cibrian, who also cheated with LeAnn Rimes while he was married to Brandi, repeatedly lied to her face.

But, as Glanville humorously quipped, “the kid can’t act.”

The real question: Who'd you rather ... you know?

And the Winner is?

Scheana Marie or LeAnn Rimes or Brandi Glanville: Which of Eddie Cibrian's wives/mistresses/lovers would you rather ... you know? View Poll »

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