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The Real Housewives of Atlanta “Press Down and Strip Bare” but I think we were all begging that some of these ladies would put their clothes back on.

We break down all of the husband chasing and divorce rumors in THG’s +/- recap!

NeNe meets up with Kenya after their trip. She wants to figure out if Kenya’s for real. Minus 10. Duh. She’s really nuts is what she is. You’d think NeNe would have figured that out.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Has anyone else had enough of the Kenya and Walter show? Minus 15. What part of, this guy’s just not that into you, is Kenya not getting?

I almost felt sorry for the guy. Kenya calls him aggressive when he was finally being honest with her.  She claims he yelled at her when all he did was tell her something she didn’t want to hear. 

Have you noticed that Walter’s in his work uniform with the logo clearly visible about 50% of the time he’s on camera? Minus 14. Maybe I’m paranoid but could he be hanging on to Kenya for the free publicity?

When Kenya says she wants to be married in six months Walter practically laughed in her face.  She claims she’s wife material, not just a girlfriend.

Walter shoots back by asking if she’s really wife material, why is she still single at 40 something? Ouch!  Minus 20. How much more of a shove does Kenya need before she realizes that this just isn’t happening.

If Kenya is serious about having a baby, she may need to talk to NeNe about that turkey baster.

Across town, Peter gets a text about Phaedra and Apollo’s supposed divorce.  Um…why is Peter getting gossip updates on his phone?  

So Peter and Cynthia come up with a grand scheme. She’s heard that Apollo frequents strip clubs like some people visit Starbucks.  So let’s head to a strip club with Apollo and Phaedra and get all the dirt. 

Plus 22. There must be a hundred strip clubs in Atlanta, yet somehow they manage to find the skeeviest hole in the wall place possible. The strippers are jiggling rolls of cellulite. I can’t imagine that there’s enough alcohol to make that look good.

While Phaedra’s yelling take it off, Peter’s begging keep it on.  LOL. Plus 9.

I was actually relieved that they were drinking out of paper cups at the bar. Plus 11. I don’t think I’d want to drink out of a glass anyone else had touched in that establishment.

Honestly, more dirt comes out days later when Apollo confides to Peter that, “I’m dealing with a God damn beast, man.”  and claims it takes a lunatic to deal with Phaedra.

Apollo’s only 32 and he’s spent six years in prison. He sounds bitter that Phaedra’s keeping him from having his fun. Minus 10.

When Apollo and Phaedra invite Kenya over to talk about their workout video it’s obvious the two are on different wave lengths.  He says Phaedra’s entire concept won’t work.  Minus 13. Perhaps they could have had this discussion before Kenya got there.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Porsha who might just be the dumbest housewife of the bunch but she’s also the happiest.  She can’t even remember how many bedrooms her house has. It might be eight.  No wonder she’s shooting for twins. That’s a lot of rooms to fill.

Plus 20 to Kandi for shooting down Porsha’s yam theory.  Watching Porsha try to wrap her mind around the concept of heredity and genetics was amusing.

And finally there’s NeNe who is doing the money shot for Ebony magazine, literally.  She’s covered in cash and diamonds and posing for the cover of their Power 100 issue.

Plus 25. From stripper to Power 100 cover girl. No matter what you think of Ms. NeNe, you can’t say she hasn’t come far.