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The ladies of Teen Mom 2 certainly have turbulent love lives.

On last night’s episode, Leah and Jeremy made their relationship official, Jenelle grew closer with a guy named Josh, and Kailyn cut ties with Jordan for good.

How did all that come about? Read THG’s official +/- recap!

Cheyenne Floyd and Her Shadow

Kailyn Lowry and BF Jordan were technically still together, but you knew it was headed downhill fast (and not just because she married someone else this fall).

After she finds out he’s been hanging out with other girls, she knows the feelings aren’t really there anymore … and reaches out to Jo for consolation. Minus 40.


She also vents to her hair stylist friend that she’s only with Jordan because it’s comfortable and convenient, and there’s no long-term potential. etc.

Finally, Kailyn Lowry straps on a pair and ends this, straight up. Jordan takes it pretty well, admitting he didn’t go about things the best way. Plus 20.

Jo says he’s gettin’ serious with his girlfriend Vee. For Kailyn, who’s still reeling from both Jo and Jordan, this is a tough pill to swallow … but why?

She leaves in a fit, and Jo awkwardly tries to console her, but basically says their relationship is over and she should move on. And she should. Plus 10.

Jenelle Evans and mom Bahbrah are on great terms this week. At least at the start. Plus 30. She wants to see a new guy and Babs is all for it.

Jenelle admits she hasn’t been taking her meds for bipolar disorder. Babs warns this could lead her down a dangerous path. She’s right, clearly. Plus 10.

Younger Evans meets new guy Josh on a lunch date with their friend Marissa, and they hit if off. She opens up quickly about her past. Honesty. Plus 10.

Marissa bluntly says they’d be “perfect together,” and as forced as that seems, Jenelle and Josh are hanging out alone together before long. Plus 10.

They both agree to stop smoking, and won’t smoke around each other. LMAO. Plus 50.

Barbara even likes the sound of this guy. Is this Teen Mom 2 Opposite Day? Plus 20.

When Josh finally comes over to meet Barbara, there is more family drama and Barbara won’t let Jenelle Evans and Josh leave with Jace. And … cue meltdown!

Unable to handle the tension, she pulls a Jenelle Evans and storms out as little Jace brings a small flower to his mom’s car and says, “here you go mommy.”

And off he goes. So sweet, yet heartbreaking for that small fella. Minus 70.

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. She introduces him to her daughters Ali and Aleeah, who love him. Plus 30.

Corey Simms, meanwhile, is “not ready” for a relationship – like Kailyn, this is interesting to watch, since he’s now engaged to Miranda Patterson.

BFF Kayla says Leah has been depressed since her divorce from Corey, so it’s nice to see her happy and smiling again over Jeremy. And it is.

Corey surprisingly reacts in calm fashion to the news that she’s seeing someone. “Cool.” You almost didn’t need subtitles for that utterance. Plus 20.

Corey reveals he would like to meet Jeremy since he’s going to be around their daughters a lot. Awkward, to be sure, but also responsible. Plus 10.

Chelsea Houska is getting as fed up with Adam Lind as Teen Mom 2 fans, at last.

She’s mad at herself for falling behind on earning her GED and getting into cosmetology school, so she says she needs to see a therapist. Wow. Plus 40.

The therapist explains that she might not have the healthiest approach to her relationship with Adam. They charge $125 an hour at least for this. Plus 60.

With the help of a friend, Chelsea goes through a relationship checklist given by the therapist to better understand how she approaches relationships.

The facts are not pretty. No … no … no …

Despite all this, and despite admitting she doesn’t understand how to let things go, she wishes she could move on from Adam … but she can’t.

Sigh. And Minus 200.