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Breaking Dawn’s Peter Facinelli recently went public with his new relationship with Jaimie Alexander, and his ex-wife, Jennie Garth, admits that the news stung.

“I think there will come a time when it won’t sting so bad,” Jennie told People of her former husband dating the Thor actress. “But I’m not quite there yet.”

Jennie said she is happy for Peter despite the mixed emotions.

Peter Facinelli Leaves LA
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“I am happy that he is happy, though,” she told the magazine.


The actress revealed she herself is “dating one guy right now.”

“One is enough, right?” she added with a laugh.

Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth split in March.

In November, the 38-year-old Twilight Saga patriarch was photographed having dinner and later holding hands with Jaimie Alexander, 28, in New York City.

Jaimie said, “It’s very new and it’s scary. But it’s also something we don’t want to give up on because I know how it makes me feel in my heart. It makes me feel really good.”

“He’s a good guy with a great family and I couldn’t be any luckier.”