Ice-T Disrespected By Coco, Lashes Out on Twitter Over AP.9 Pics

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Ice-T understandably felt disrespected by his wife, Coco, when pictures of her canoodling with rapper AP.9 hit the web courtesy of celeb gossip site Media Takeout.

Naturally, Ice responded by going OFF on Twitter.

Coco and AP9
Ice-T Pissed

“Don't get it twisted, I'm not happy about this s--t," he wrote. "Most of [the pictures are] disrespectful and in bad taste. She's made me look and feel like s--t.”

Coco responded by apologizing completely and sincerely.

“Ice is right, the pics I took with this man were in poor taste & I disrespected my husband," she admitted. "However the pics were the only thing that happened."

"I feel so sad,the bottom line is I love Ice & I can understand why he's upset theres no excuse for my actions. I'm so sorry baby & to everyone else.”

Ice-T has since deleted his missive, so we're assuming he accepts the apology. We also assume Coco's right, and that there was nothing more to this.

Anyone who has watched Ice Loves Coco knows that they have a loving, stable and surprisingly normal relationship for a couple that stars on an E! show.

Coco may have made an error in judgment and disrespected Ice-T, but if there were a real affair going on, she'd obviously be more careful about it.

Hopefully she makes it up to her man in ways only Coco possibly can, and all will be right with the world again. Cross your fingers, fans. Cross your fingers.

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