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While an assault weapons ban will likely go before Congress in 2013, and while many are calling for stricter gun control laws in response to the Connecticut shooting, residents in at least two states are taking a different tact:

They’re getting locked and loaded.

On Saturday, Virginia state police reported 4,166 filings for background checks on those seeking to purchase a gun, that’s a whopping 42 percent increase from the same date in 2011.

It’s also the highest tally since the state starting tracking these transactions in 1989.


Colorado also set a single-day record for background checks on Saturday; that state checked in with 4,200, a record number since it starting keeping track in 1999.

Only licensed gun dealers need to perform background checks, of course, meaning these figures don’t account for an individual purchasing weapons via private sellers.

Where do you stand on these facts and figures? Is it understandable folks would want to stock up in the wake of a massacre?

And is it time to pass major gun control laws?