Doug Gotterba Sues John Travolta, Asserts Right to Talk About "Steamy Affair"

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The former pilot who alleges a gay affair with John Travolta, Doug Gotterba, says he never signed a confidentiality agreement, as the actor's lawyer has asserted.

Gotterba, who claims he served as Travolta's pilot from 1981-1987, made headlines this year when he spoke at length about their relationship during that time.

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He is not the cruise ship guy or one of the masseurs alleging sexual assault on Travolta's part; rather, he says their love was warm, passionate and consensual.

A "secret boyfriend" with whom he had a "steamy affair," to use his words.

Doug Gotterba says after he divulged details, Travolta's camp unleashed a media/legal tidal wave, one that infringed upon his right to ... talk to the tabloids.

Doug claims Singer threatened to sue him for violating a confidentiality agreement he signed when he stopped working for John - a pact Doug says doesn't exist.

Gotterba claims he did sign a termination agreement, but it didn't include anything about confidentiality, and thus, he should be allowed to talk about John at all.

Singer says Gotterba's lawsuit is "ridiculous" because he DID sign such an agreement, and his claims are utterly without merit anyway. Stay tuned.

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