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It sounded semi-believable as celebrity gossip stories go, given the time period and the people involved, but chalk this up to yet another hoax / hacking job:

Chris Federline never said he banged and impregnated Britney Spears.

According to The Smoking Gun, Kevin Federline’s brother did NOT file any lawsuit against his former pop star sister-in-law, as was reported widely last week.

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

The whole story, in actuality, is a hoax perpetrated by an ex-convict who was recently busted for violating his probation on a conspiracy and wire fraud conviction.


Amazingly, the same clown filed a bogus lawsuit against Justin Bieber this year for stealing his credit card and using it to pay for a “penis enlargement.”

Jonathan Lee Riches has also been tied to a hoax involving the CT shooting, though he was not behind the Newtown scam arrest made by the FBI earlier this week.

Why he had it out for Britney and Chris Federline, we have no idea. But it’s good to know Spears never shagged K-Fed’s own brother while they were married (probably).

Chris also claimed, as per the original story, that he was the father of Brit’s oldest son Sean Preston. Looks like Kevin’s still on the hook for that one.

In other recent THG hoax news: