Ariel Winter to Live With Sister, Father to Oversee Affairs

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The family feud over Ariel Winter has reached a detente, at least temporarily.

"It looks like the court is going to order therapy and counseling to help keep us together as a family," Ariel's older brother Jimmy Workman told reporters.

"Everything's holding off and everyone's going to counseling."

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Lawyers for Ariel's mother, Chris Workman, her older daughter Shanelle, 34, as well as the star, hammered out an agreement this afternoon.

That deal will allow Ariel to remain in the care of her sister.

Pending a new hearing in March, Judge Michael Levanas said in open court: "I believe things are going to get better. I'm thrilled we're taking that first step."

Ariel's father, Glenn Workman, will serve as guardian of Ariel's estate.

The Modern Family star, 14, wearing a casual black dress and flats, looked upbeat and hugged her sister following the hearing, as well as her attorneys.

Outside the courtroom, her mother wiped away tears.

A Department of Children and Family Services report to the court in November found evidence of emotional abuse inflicted upon Ariel by her mother.

According to Jimmy, Ariel and Shanelle Workman are currently not on speaking terms with him or their mother, but he tried to keep a conciliatory, hopeful tone.

"My mother is a loving parent who's done everything for her children," he said outside the courthouse. "We want our younger sister to come home with our parents."

Jimmy added he doesn't know whether Ariel Winter and Cameron Palatas, the 18-year-old star of the Disney Channel show A.N.T. Farm, are still dating.

Ariel's mom filed a police report against him, since her daughter is underage.

Asked if he thought Hollywood was having a negative affect on his sister, Jimmy replied, "I don't think it's ruining her, she's a good kid. I love my sister and I want to see her."

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