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The Real Housewives of Atlanta found themselves “Unmoved” Sunday night as we learned how very little has changed between them in the last year.

We break down all the back stabbing and butt dialing right in THG’s +/- recap!

So Kim’s house is haunted? How did it go from being her dream home to the haunted mansion in the span of a few weeks. Minus 10.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

How come we never heard about mysterious doors closing on their own when she was planning her wedding or gushing over her 17,000 square feet of space? 

Suddenly she “can’t get out of this f**king house fast enough.”


How much is she paying those movers? There were stacks of boxes in her basement that they simply labeled as “Basement Mix” which assures that Kim won’t be able to find anything for a long, long time.  Minus 13.  But maybe that was simply retaliation for being so polite.

Minus 15. It’s a sad state of affairs when Sweetie is the one with a sense of propriety. But the once fired assistant has definitely stepped up in Kroy’s absence. Plus 20. I don’t know what Kim would do without her.

NeNe can’t stop bashing Kim as she helps spread the rumor that Kim can’t afford her dream home. Minus 10. Some things don’t change.

And she’s quick to play that voicemail of Phaedra’s to Cynthia.  I only wish Cynthia could have played it for Phaedra.  That way the Southern lady couldn’t have dodged the subject of off her friend quite so easily.  Minus 8.

Once again Phaedra throws an over the top birthday party for her little prince.  The boy is two. He will not remember the dolphin extravaganza but you know what? It’s Phaedra’s money. She can do with it what she likes so Plus 12 for throwing the party for everyone else to enjoy.

Of course Kandi sees it a bit differently as she shares that, “Going to a Phaedra event is like going to a marathon. It takes all day and sometimes it feels like it’s never going to end.” Plus 9.  Apparently Ayden felt the same way.  He just wanted to go to sleep.

And of course Kim can’t make the event, which surprises no one.  Minus 11. The sad part is that she has a real excuse this time but she’s bailed on so many things, no one really cares.

Porsha makes a brief appearance and I’m left to wonder if she always cooks meals while wearing spandex?  Plus 8. That may be why her husband doesn’t seem to mind her burning the biscuits.

Then there’s Kenya, who can’t get married and pregnant fast enough. Minus 10. Doesn’t every guy find that wildly attractive?

Her family may love that he doesn’t want to rush into marriage but taking things slow isn’t in Kenya’s plan.  So she invites Walter over for a romantic dinner, complete with slinky blue dress and frozen meals straight from the microwave.

Minus 15.  If Walter doesn’t see this on TV he’ll probably find the boxes in the trash. Of course she was all but falling out of her top so perhaps that was enough to distract him.

I guess Kenya’s not going to admit she can’t cook until after the wedding.

But Kenya wants babies and she’s ready now. Well not right now, as she tells Walter she’s not ovulating tonight. Minus 22. There’s a way to set the mood.

I may be wrong but I don’t see a ring in this couples’ future any time soon, no matter how many hints Kenya drops about her ring size.