Terry Bradshaw on Reggie Bush TD Run: Like He's Chasing a Bucket of Chicken!

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Terry Bradshaw raised eyebrows with a controversial comment on Fox NFL Sunday this weekend, likening a Reggie Bush touchdown run to the star "chasing a bucket of chicken."

Bradshaw, a 64-year-old Hall of Fame quarterback-turned-analyst, said to colleague Jimmy Johnson:

"Look Jimmy, it's like he was chasing that bucket of chicken the wind was blowing the other day!"

Maybe "Like he's chasing Kim Kardashian nude down the hall to his bed" would've been better.

Sources close to the situation say Bradshaw was not trying to insult African-American Reggie, but was instead was taking a shot at Johnson - an avid fried chicken fan.

Apparently, the entire Fox crew has always busted Jimmy's chops for his affinity for the food, so while Bradshaw fumbled this one hardcore, there likely wasn't any ill intent there.

Or was there? You tell us if you think there was a hidden, potentially racist meaning.

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