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Apple’s iTunes 11 is here today, and its much-anticipated release marks one of the biggest overhauls of the tech giant’s media management service to date.

How does it hold up in terms of actual usage, though?

At least according to very early reviews, pretty well!

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Better positioned to compete in the era of the Cloud, iTunes 11 is chock full of new/revised features (as was the iPhone 5, which came out in September).


Probably the biggest beef with iTunes is that it’s bloated; what started as a simple music player became a media hub for movies, TV shows, and books too.

More significantly, iTunes also transformed into the base of the App Store on the Mac, and the #1 way to manage iPods, then iPhones, and now iPads too.

Which is awesome, but could also get confusing.

At the same time, Apple has been working to move everything into the Cloud. In the previous versions of iTunes, the iCloud elements felt very tacked-on.

With iTunes 11, the software finally looks and feels like it was designed to fully take advantage of all the Cloud has to offer (the logo is even a little cooler).

Of course, there are still some performance issues causing concern. For further explanation of what those are, take a look at this in-depth cloud analysis.