Internet Explorer 10 Ad Admits IE Sucks

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Think Internet Explorer sucks? You're obviously right, but so does Microsoft, which makes that fact part of its new ad campaign for IE 10. Say what now?

Titled “Do you know this guy?” the video below shows a typical web user firing off endless complaints about IE (before eventually coming around of course):

The ad directs users to a Microsoft site, browseryoulovedtohate, which promotes Internet Explorer 10, the newest version running on Windows 8 devices.

It's billed as a much improved model compared to its predecessors, and references past suckitude in its navigation headings: “Curious?” “It’s Good Now” and “No, Really.”

As marketing tactics go, admitting you have to rebuild your own brand may seem self-defeating, but consumers do appreciate honestly and it can work if done right.

Like Domino's ads showing the chain focus grouping its infamously terrible pizza, the tech giant hopes people will give its revamped version another shot.

The campaign is funny and refreshingly candid about the history of IE, which once had a lock on the web browser market, only to decline precipitously.

While IE is still tops in terms of the number of devices it’s on, Chrome has become the world’s most popular browser by usage, with Firefox in second.

In recent years, Internet Explorer has basically become the browser for people who don’t know other browers exist, something Microsoft is apparently aware of.

Will this turn around the maligned product? Stay tuned.