Victoria Jackson Doesn't Believe Gay Marriage Exists, Would Carry Rape Baby to Term

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Victoria Jackson has created yet another Internet stir.

The former Saturday Night Live cast members - who has made headlines in the past for accusing Glee of making viewers gay and for singing that Barack Obama is a Communist - appeared this morning on Howard Stern's radio show.

Asked for her take on gay marriage, Jackson said:

"You have to take it up with God. God made the rules. He made a man and woman's bodies fit together, he made the Ten Commandments. I believe the Bible is God's word and I base all my world view on the Bible…

"… I don't think there's such a thing as gay marriage. The definition of marriage is man and woman."

A couple weeks ago, Jackson also took to her personal YouTube channel and spoke with a woman conceived from a rape.

She opened the video by saying: "If I was raped, I would have the baby and think of it as God making a blessing out of something bad."

Watch that exchange here:

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