Nadya Suleman: Cleared in Sex Abuse Case

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Octomom Nadya Suleman is off the hook after an investigation into claims of child neglect and sexual abuse by former nannies, according to reports.

The Orange County D.A.s Office will not press charges.

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Prosecutors looked at the case after La Habra, Calif., police submitted it, but determined "insufficient evidence to prove anyone has committed a crime."

The identities of Suleman's accusers were not released, nor were many details as to what exactly Suleman was accused of doing, or not doing in this case.

Allegedly, two nannies told reporters they saw one of Nadya's kids sexually abusing his younger sibling(s) and that they believed the kids "were in danger."

Octomom's manager, meanwhile, vehemently denied the charges.

"Her [sic] and the other woman claiming to be a nanny are good friends with each other and are trying to make money," the rep said of the "false" allegations.

"This is why Nadya chose to move far away [from La Habra]."

She did recently get a new house, far away in the L.A. 'burbs. Amazingly, someone agreed to lease a property to Nadya Suleman and her brood.

Gotta give her credit for working hard lately, though.

With this behind her, the mom of 14 can go back to stripping, celebrity boxing, payday loan sharking, debating fans online and filming an Octomom porn sequel.



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