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For all his ridiculous muster, Donald Trump didn’t actually break any news with his supposed Barack Obama bombshell today.

But Gloria Allred may have uncovered something sordid about Mitt Romney, and it’s all based on a testimony the candidate many years ago involving Staples founder Tom Stemberg and his first wife, Maureen.

According to TMZ sources, Maureen alleges that Romney lied under oath when he told a judge Staples was worth noting, labeling the company’s stock as “overvalued” and concluding that he doesn’t place a “great deal of credibility in the forecast of the company’s future.”

Mitt Romney with Donald Trump
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Why would Romney supposedly pretend Staples was a dead end?

Because his testimony helped assure Maureen would receive very little in her settlement.

How can it be proven that Romney actually lied and didn’t simply mis-judge the value of the stock?

Because he and Tom cashed in their dividends for a fortune with Goldman Sachs just a few weeks after the divorce trial concluded.

Allred, a notoriously attention-starved attorney, is seeking to unseal Romney’s testimony in this case.

Says a rep for Tom Stemberg in response:

“Over the past several years, the judge in this case has made it very clear that the gag order imposed should not be violated. We have never violated this order and will continue to adhere to the court’s ruling on this case.”

So… are you buying any of this? Do you think Mitt Romney acted unethically or illegally? And, if so, does it affect your vote?