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Jennifer Lawrence may star in The Hunger Games, but she’s glad she isn’t hungry in real life.

In a revealing interview with Vogue UK, the actress – who has somehow been referred to as overweight by ridiculous critics – comes down on the Hollywood culture and many rail-thin bodies out there.

“I’m so tired of the lollipops,” Lawrence says of other stars out there. “It’s hilarious, the way I’m supposedly the overweight one? Like, they got me at the movies yesterday and the caption read something like ‘Curvy star cannot wait to dig into tub of popcorn.’ I mean, C’mon!”

Jennifer Lawrence at Her Final X-Men Premiere

Due to the scrutiny of signing on for this mega trilogy, Lawrence explains her reaction the day The Hunger Games premiered.

“I was really upset the day that The Hunger Games came out. I was shaking all day wrapped in a blanket. Dude, have you seen what they’ve done to Britney Spears?”

Don’t think Jennifer isn’t grateful, however. She’s quick to say how “lucky” she is to make a living as an actress.

But she also makes some pretty great points, doesn’t she?