Lindsay Lohan to Barack Obama: Millionaires Need Tax Cuts Too!

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Lindsay Lohan feels she really needs a tax cut. Guess all those worthless lackeys, coke dealers, and lawyers really take a bite. Ohhhh, ziiing!

No, seriously, she Tweeted at President Obama and asked for a tax cut.

She's since erased it from her feed, though as we all know, once it's been out there on the Interwebs, someone's likely seen and preserved it.

Case in point? The following Twitter "exchange" ...

Lohan on Obama

As President Obama's convention speech alluded to last night, he wants to extend the current Bush-era tax breaks for all but the top earners in America.

Lindsay does make a good point, though.

Poor baby was just booted out of the Chateau Marmont after stiffing them on a $46,000 hotel bill. How's she supposed to pay that with the government gouging her?

Hopefully the Republicans stick with Paul Ryan as their point person for advocating conservative economic policy instead of the 26-year-old ne'er-do-well.

This is the second most absurd Tweet Obama's received from a troubled starlet this year, after Amanda Bynes' plea for him to fire the cop who busted her for DUI.

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